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Know your dog better by understanding their perspective

See what your dog is doing at home with a unique dog’s perspective through your phone anytime, anywhere. Record the funniest moments of their day and share it on social media. Understand your dog better by seeing the world through their perspective. You will feel closer to your pet than ever before. Share their adventures on Youtube or Instagram and make them a star!  


1080p Live streaming HD video

Monitor your furry loved one through a variety of perspectives

Keeping track of one’s pet can be difficult with energetic dogs. In a moment they can be out of sight and out of voice range. Having a way to monitor them is essential. We provide a 1080P HD live monitoring system that you control from your smartphone. Switch from 1st POV to 3rd POV by simply taking the camera off and placing it on the base to monitor a large area.  


petnow app

Capture the funniest moments

Using the PetNow app, you can instantly capture pictures and videos of your pup that can be saved directly to your smart devices or TF card on board. Whether you want to capture a cute moment or record evidence of some naughty puppy behaviors - you’ll never miss an important event.


social media sharing

Create a superstar with PetNow, your dog can be famous

Your dog can be a superstar by going viral on social media. There are so many hilarious and funny moments of your dog’s life that you can capture and share with your friends and family. PetNow supports real-time social media sharing. 


check your pet at night

Communicate and pet them even if you have to work overtime

Built-in night vision makes seeing in the dark possible. Emergencies like sudden power outages won’t affect your ability to ensure your dog’s safety at night because PetNow has an on-board battery.


2 way audio function

Communicate with your dog anytime anywhere

Convenient 2-way audio lets you easily communicate with your dog and hear what is going on around them. With PetNow, you are never far away.   


lightweight harness

Stress-free and comfortable camera harness

The secure fit PetNow camera harness is made of material with soft padding underneath and breathable lightweight mesh lining for a comfortable fit for your dog. The customized mount holds the camera in place and won’t slip even on active dogs. It’s easy to put on and take off with fast-release buckles. Select an appropriate size for your furry loved ones and adjust the strap to get a perfect fit.


three styles of petnow camera

Buy one get three styles!

Replaceable camera ears come with three cute styles to fit your dog’s personality and look: little demon, hamster or bear. Easily change by swapping out camera ears. 


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